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Highest rank

Which user on Duolingo has the most amount of coins/levels? just curious...

June 7, 2013



I think it might be jmcliste, then donfollow


donfollow deleted his acc??


Hello Lola! :) I see that you are learning Hungarian too. Can I help you? ;)


https://www.duolingo.com/test_0986 - 4.413.832 XP. I will never do this!


Total XP: 4413832 XP the same score 2 years ago

he quit... :/


This user has the most points that I've seen.



This discourages and encourages me at the same time.


I wish i know her


I've got 201500 point (in english)


lol no comment XD I'll follow u


faeryeye has more than 6 000 000 points.


Tem gente que querem falar sobre jogos videos ?


Você está falando de jogos videos para aprender idiomas? Por favor, desculpe meus erros em Português. Eu não sou fluente nessa linguagem.


You have loads of XP wow


And a huge streak


The highest achievable level currently is 25 in any language. After that point you can continue to collect points, but are at the max level. There is no way that I am aware of to search for users by level/points. I do know there are users that have reached level 25 in at least one language however and users with 30K+ points.


Highest amount of points on my leaderboard, http://www.duolingo.com/#/edythuk


I would say 11 or 12 is the highest level attainable without translating a document. Just to make sure, I decided to confirm this hypothesis and went on to do the placement test and redeeming tests in Spanish to obtained the highest level possible. I graduated or finished - in a couple of hours- the tree for this language (practically my other mother tongue) losing five or six hearts just because of typos and never reached level 12 (you surely guess that my word counting is comparatively low). So I would say a realistic target should be level 12 to 13. But hey, it is about learning not reaching levels!


Levels depend on the amount of coins, not on actual knowledge or position in the skill tree. You can finish the tree being level 11 or 12 if you go really fast and revise very little, but there are users who are level 20+ when they complete the tree. I finished my French tree being level 21 and my German tree being level 22. This is because German was harder to me and I had to practice it more. I did some translations, but not really many.

Also, as far as I know, levels don't continue after 25. You still get coins but your level remains 25.


Interesting. it seems the system rewards practice even if it comes as a by product of constant mistakes. Again, the point of the system is to learn not to prove by passing all the tests that you already know a language. The more mistakes you make the more you learn!


My algebra teacher last year for 8th grade was 2nd ranked in the world, but I don't know if he is anymore.


it used to be way easier back when you could get 10 XP per lesson when you tested out. So for example you could get 450 xp for testing out of level 4 if there were 45 lessons. My old profile had almost 200,000 because of that

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