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Swearing in Irish.

You can't be considered fluent in any language until you can swear in it. And especially so in Irish. Cursing and swearing is very much part of the Irish cultural tapestry. And there is so much more to Irish swearing than 'póg mo thóin'.

Duolingo should seriously consider adding an Irish swearing bonus section. Here's a video that shows how beautiful and eloquent 'na rudai dona' can be.


I would warn you in advance that this video contains strong language and is not work safe. However, the chances of anyone understanding it are quite slim, so knock yourself out.

September 25, 2014



It's doubtful that Duolingo will ever implement this. There was a discussion not too long ago about allowing cussing on the forums, and they decided against it. The reason behind it was because of the number of younger kids who are using the site. If they don't allow it on the forums, it's unlikely they'll allow an actual lesson in it. However, if you head over to reddit.com/r/gaeilge you can see there's been a thread about cussing in Irish that gives examples.


Ah sure we don't even have a flirting bonus skill in Irish. The French have one. Although my favourite one probably won't get in there. "Have you got any Irish in ya? Would you like some?" It never fails for me! <sub>winks</sub>


Lets just get out of Beta first and then we can worry about adding in some extras. I do like you Idea though. :)


Here's some more Claire doing popular culture phrases: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpYRH7AYuvA


This video is great I laughed so hard, but really did i just see a video of a someone insulting me for 2-3 minutes? :DDD And for your point, I think swearing is part of any language, so her point about not being really fluent if you don't know how to swear is kinda true.


you know this is why my teacher wants to disable discuss, but i love this

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