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Lack in variety of wording in exercises. Anyone with the same problem ?

I've learned around 300 words in my danish course, but it seems like in all exercises I'm getting the same words all the time and most of other literally never appear. It shows best when it comes to verbs it seems like the only verbs that appear in my exercises ( both strenghten skills and others) are har, spiser and drikker. Maybe once I got any other and past lesson with quite a lot of them. Is it ment to be like that, or is it a bug ?

Best Regards :)

September 25, 2014



It's been reported a few times in other threads. Word is Duolingo is working on fixing it :)


Runem, do you mean the glitch(es) with strengthen skills? Because I think Filip means something else: I understand that he'd like more variety in the sentences, e.g. more verbs used than just har, spiser and drikker in all the sentences. And yes, more verbs are definitely introduced in the skills, but later skills don't seem to incorporate them and still just use those 3 mostly.

Do I understand correctly what you mean, Filip?


Yes Wizek, that's exactly what I meant. You are correct. Although I have to admit that now that I'm a little further in the tree, the situation has improved. I found it was mostly the problem in the first 2 checkpoints. I'm not saying that it's perfect, but I do see a little more verbs here and there.


Thank you for clarifying!

I found it a little tiresome, too, somewhere between the first and second checkpoint, and I, too, was wishing for more variety.

But I couldn't bring myself to mention it since I was happy that the course was out and wouldn't have wanted it to get delayed just because of that.

Now that it is out perhaps in can be improved somehow.

Not too high-priority for me though, especially if later in the tree the situation improves.

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