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  5. "Você toma café."

"Você toma café."

Translation:You drink coffee.

June 8, 2013



In this case there is no difference. It is the same thing, but "toma" is more informal, and not all the times toma means drink (ex. você toma banho/you take a shower)


ahh I see, obrigado!


does toma also mean take?


take ,drink have coffee mean the same in english


The problem is that the programme won't accept take. Did anyone already report the issue?


The data base for the linguistic tool "ngrams" indicates "take coffee" is less common these days.

Ngrams: Corpus of English (BrE) https://tinyurl.com/y2xtr33p


You drink coffee/ You take coffee


I had the same programm - wrote TAKE, but not accepted. Estou perdendo os meus corracaoes.


what is the difference between toma and bebe?


beber = to drink, i.e. it's only for liquids. tomar may be used for liquids, soup, icecream, taxis, buses, bath, vaccines, any strike/blow from objects/parts of the body, any weapon shot...


So the difference between beber and tomar is that beber is more formal than tomar? I do not really get this.


For me they have the same meaning, but as explained above, tomar can also be used for taking a medicine, buses, taxis, etc.


I'd like to know the same thing!


As would I. Is it just a formality issue?

Any clues to know when/what duo will accept?

[deactivated user]

    I agree. Since tomar does mean "to take", the answer should have been accepted. If you are going to present a word where there is synomym, you should give feedback that "another correct answer is" like you do for some of the words. If it is a matter of formality, slang or which is more common, this can be stated in the drop down menu that gives information about the word like alternatives and gender.


    In every other instance when saying "you drink this/you eat this", it has been implied in the form of a question with the correct answer being "do you drink this?" etc... It seems a little misleading to suddenly not have this as a question. How is one to know when to answer in literal English?

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