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"Wir wurden in diesem Krankenhaus geboren."

Translation:We were born in this hospital.

September 25, 2014



We were being born in this hospital? Is this correct?


Diese satze gefält mir


Is this really in passive tense? Seems active to me. Would saying "Wir waren in diesem Krankenhaus geboren" be wrong?


"wurden" is past tense of "werden" which is used to express passive tense, so yes, the sentence is correct.

"waren" is the past tense of "sein" which is used with adjectives and nouns. You're probably thinking "waren" because some past participles double as adjectives, like for example "surprised."

"We were surprised" - "Wir wurden überrascht." - "Wir waren überrascht."

It can mean the state of being surprised at someting, or the (passive) action of being surprised by something. Sneaky to translate since you don't differentiate between the two in English. But that's it. Because the Duo sentence is about the action of being born (by your mother), and not about the state of being alive, you need "werden" and not "sein".


"Krankenhaus" ah yes! A word for all you strict semanticians out there to consider. (esp ones who like to put down American English) Are you "krank" when you're pregnant? I ask you!

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