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  5. "We are hungry."

"We are hungry."

Translation:Wij hebben honger.

September 26, 2014



Humm.. why not "Wij zinj honger"? :(


Dutch speakers feel that to be hungry is a feeling to have. so they say they have hunger, but in English we turn hunger to in an adjective, hunger = hungry. In Dutch, honger is a noun, like hunger.


Thank You I wantend to ask THE same thing


Thank you! I was wondering the same... In portuguese we can actually have both. Literally translated, it would be either "I am with hunger" or "I have hunger", even tho it's not correct in english.


The correct way to say it is: "Wij hebben honger" or "Wij zijn hongerig". The first expression talks about a feeling you have, the second describes the feeling.


I was told by native Dutch speakers that 'honger' is what starving African orphans have. Civilized people have 'trek'. Is this correct?


It could be a generational thing. I have a friend who speaks Dutch natively, and he tells me that his now 90-something-year-old mother would say to him when he was growing up, "You're not hungry! I lived through the Depression, I know what hunger is. You just have an appetite."


Interesting - I've heard similar things in German (my native language) about "Hunger" and "Appetit", but it very much depends on who you talk to. Some feel the distinction is necessary, others don't mind if you claim you are starving. Maybe it's the same thing here?


so always I use hongerig?


Yes, because it's a noun and the idiom is to have hunger.

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