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Some discomforts with studing in different languages.

I want to learn one language which available only in English and one other which available in my own language. So, I need every time switch over languages on extra page (I haven't got access to it just by clicking on a flag near the profile photo, such as with studying in one language).

And on Plofile-Page there is only one flag - the one I've chosen the last.

It is not a big problem but it is a little bit strange.

September 26, 2014

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Unfortunately it is just the way they have designed it. There have been many complaints about this so DL may make it easier but until then it is something that you have to put up with (although I remember seeing a post recently that someone has developed an extension for the Chrome browser that makes it much easier). I cannot remember the link but someone may be able to give it to you, or you could search the forums for it.

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