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"Vogliono mandare i loro figli ad un'altra scuola."

Translation:They want to send their children to another school.

September 26, 2014



why not a different school


I put the same. American speaker


This has almost exactly the the same meaning in English, but there is a shade of difference. In Duolingo it is always wise to offer the closest translation. In this case "una scuola diversa" or "una scuola differente" are available to provide the meaning you suggest, so "un'altra scuola" is really best understood as "another school."


Must be "an other" (= a different) and not "another" (= a second) school


Is "ad" used here because it is followed by a vowel?


Yes, but it is not mandatory. There are some fixed expressions, like "ad esempio", and in many stylistic guides you use it only to avoid to have the same vowel twice in a row, like "ed ecco" or "ad aspettarti".

But, if you remember to use it only before a vowel, if you want to do so, it's always ok.


I also uzed different, but after thinking about it see the difference between different and another.


to a different school should also be accepted

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