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  5. "Er zit bloed op mijn arm."

"Er zit bloed op mijn arm."

Translation:There is blood on my arm.

September 26, 2014



Is it correct to say "Er is bloed op mijn arm" ?


Why is the verb "zitten" used here?


I'm wondering the same thing. Would "liggen" also work? Since technically the blood is "wider" than it is "high". Or is it just more common to use "zitten" for liquids? Any input from a native speaker would be appreciated!


Yeah, native/fluent speaker input needed... particularly because it seems that it is correct to say Er ligt bloed op de vloer.

Is the difference that liquids don't "lie" on surfaces such as arms, while they do on floors?


No. Blood can only "zitten" on somebody's arm.

But indeed, on the floor blood "ligt".


What is the case here? Does he/she imply that there is blood over his/her arm ( Maybe (s)he's cut it with sth.) or there's blood inside vessels in his/her arm. Since "zitten" is used, I tend to understand that there's blood over his/her arm. Maybe (s)he's a butcher. :) Thank you.


It means that there's blood on his/her arm.

If the sentence had meant that there's blood 'inside' the vessels, then in would have been used.


In a post elsewhere there is the explanation that zitten indicates containment. That doesn't apply here as the blood is on the arm. So is it correct that zitten doesn't always mean containment? Could 'een kat zit op de bank" for example? The opinion of a native speaker would be much appreciated!


Yes, a cat can, like people, "ziiten" on the couch / floor etc. And there are many sayings and expressions with "zitten" too, e.g. "Dat zit wel goed" = That's okay.


Is "zitten" being used here for particular reason? I'd personally think "liggen" should be used since blood doesn't have defined sides or a "right way" of being upright.


can ligt be used here? instead of zit, it could be er ligt bloed op mijn arm ?


No, we only say and write "Er zit bloed op mijn/jouw etc. arm", but - as yugo4k above already wrote - : "Er ligt bloed op de vloer". I can't explain why; we just do so.

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