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"You are slow, just like a turtle."

Translation:Je bent langzaam, net zoals een schildpad.

September 26, 2014



Why is it "net zoals" and not just "zoals" ?


Because of the word 'just'. :)


please explain why jij bent langzaam is also not correct. I am not understanding when to use jij and when to use je


If you were doing a listening exercise, then it must be that the recording said "je" instead of "jij". Pay attention to the pronunciation: the " e" in "je" sounds a bit like the one in "the", while the " ij" in "jij" sounds close to "ay" in "May".


'Jij bent langzaam...' is correct. Keep this in mind: je is informal. The word itself is entirely redundant. The correct forms jij, jou and jouw do not sound 'too formal'.

Now if you still want to use je: basically it replaces all conjugations of jij (jij, jou, jouw). As far as i can think of right now it covers all three.


That's not correct. Jij/je are informal, u is formal.

Jij is the stressed form and je is unstressed. Jij puts emphasis on "you". So something like

I'm not doing it, but YOU are.

The you in that case being stressed would use jij in dutch.


I disagree. Jij is not informal, and certainly not an informal replacement for u. Jij can be just as formal as u, only there are certain rules to using jij. For example, when I am in the supermarket, i adress a cashier of my age with JIJ, although i dont know them (formal situation), but i would adress my uncles, aunts and grandparents as U, just because they are of a significantly older age. Jij can be formal, only je can't. As i said je is basically a replacement for all forms of jij, which we just use because we are either lazy or want to talk faster.

Though indeed, when you want to stress the word, you have to use one of the forms of jij (jij,jou,jouw)


is there a translation possible with zijn?


Yes, "Jullie zijn langzaam, net zoals een schildpad" is also correct.


Yes: They ARE happy. Zij ZIJN blij.


Can anyone explain when to use langzaam and when langzame following the second person or noun?


"... Ben langzaam" is and "langzame ..." is , and "langzame" goes first meanwhile "langzaam" goes last... hope that helps!


Sorry, I am not clear on why is "Je bent langzaam, net zoals een schaap" incorrect?


Because a turtle is a schildpad, not a schaap. Een schaap is a sheep ;)


I'm sorry, My mistake--I thought the prompt just asked for the correct sentences, not one specific sentence translation (must have read hastily). Would "je bent langzaam, net zoals een schaap" be a correct sentence grammatically (setting aside the fact that it means I am slow like a sheep, not I am slow like a turtle)?


Yes it is correct.


Wanneer moet ik "als" en wanneer "zoals" gebruiken? Dat is voor mij nog niet klaar, dus als iemand het kan uitleggen, zal ik erg dankbaar zijn.


Ben jij nederalands


Why ist ist “net zoals“? Isn't “net“ a negation?


Niet is negation.

Net is just.

[deactivated user]

    The first Dutch simile I heard of ever


    The voice says something like ZOWALS instead of ZOALS. Is that correct ?


    Yeah the sound is correct, they just say it that way


    Dank je wel ♥


    You dont need "net" and "zoals", one is enough, it could be either... Direct translation for all of you: ..., just just like a turtle No hate btw, just pointing that out for anyone who didnt understand cause dutch is my birth language along with english and now im native in spanish as well- (Netherlands from rotterdam/amsterdam)

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