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Why do I suddenly need to complete (and pass) each class twice to move on to the next

Is this an error or a change in the way that app works?

September 26, 2014



I've never experienced that.. Are you saying that you would need to do everything in "basics 1" twice, in order to advance down the tree?


It just started when I got to V.cmp.P. yesterday. Now I have to do each excersize twice. So if there are 10 catogorys to make my disk golden i have to pass each one twice in order. Good practice but it's making progress a little slow


Definitely an error.. Try to get a hold of someone that can fix it for ya


Same thing happened to me- try logging off and back on


I began Duolingo on my iPhone and had this happen several times in the first few days. It hasn't happened on the iPhone app since then, and it hasn't happened at all on the web site.


I'm having this happen to me too with the iPhone app. It happened in V. Pres. 2 (Spanish) and now again in Adverbs. It happened just now, where I finished lesson 3 in Adverbs and it checked it off, but when I went back to the main screen, it went back to showing only 2 lessons completed and is making me do lesson 3 again. Yesterday it did that with lesson 2.


Happening to me on every new lesson on the latest iOS app.

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