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Maltese Lesson 2

As you may know, I have been trying to get Maltese on here, but it hasn't happened yet. So, if you wanted to learn it, maybe you can learn a bit from these lessons that I will post.

<h1>Maltese Lesson 2 - Phrases & Articles</h1>


  • The following are some basic phrases that are necessary in any language and country (for greetings, see my previous lesson):

  • Grazzi (ħafna)! = Thank you (very much)! pronounce: 'GRA-tsee - HAF-na'

  • Mhux problema = No problem pronounce: 'mOOsh - prob-LAY-ma'

  • Kif int? = How are you? ('kif intom is plural) pronounce: 'kiff-Int'

  • Tajjeb, u inti? = Good, and you? ('tajba', pronounced 'tYe-bah' if you are female) pronounce: 'tYe-yeb - oo-Intee?'

  • Bad = Hażin pronounce: 'hah-zEEn'

  • Għandi pjaċir = Pleased to meet you pronounce: 'Aan-dee - pya-chEEr'

  • Do you speak Maltese/English? = Titkellem bil-Malti/bl-Ingliż? pronounce: 'TIT-kell-ehm - bill - mAlt-ee / bling-glEEs?'

  • A little = Ftit pronounce: 'fteet'

  • I don't know / understand = Ma nafx / ma nifhimx pronounce: 'ma - nAf-sh / ma - nIf-imsh'

  • Where is...? = Fejn hu...? ('fejn hi', pronounced fAYn - ee , is feminine) pronounce: 'fAYn - oo...?'

  • Sorry! = Skużani! pronounce: 'skoo-ZAH-nee!'

  • Please = Jekk jogħġbok pronounce: 'yEK-yAWj-bok'

Articles - Indefinite (a dog / a book)

  • You don't need to worry about this - Maltese has no indefinite article!

  • In Maltese, where one would use the indefinite article in English, just say the noun. Example: I have a cat = Għandi qattus (directly translates as 'I have cat')

Articles - Definite (the dog / the book)

  • Ah... now this is where you need to worry! Or rather you shouldn't, it's not that hard to grasp.

  • In Maltese there are two types of consonant - sun consonants and moon consonants.

  • The following are the nine sun consonants:

  • Ċċ

  • Dd

  • Nn

  • Rr

  • Ss

  • Tt

  • Xx

  • Żż

  • Zz

  • The following are the fifteen moon consonants:

  • Bb

  • Ff

  • Ġġ

  • Gg

  • Għgħ

  • Hh

  • Ħħ

  • Jj

  • Kk

  • Ll

  • Mm

  • Pp

  • Qq

  • Vv

  • Ww

  • The sun consonants all have the letter 'i', plus that letter for the definite article.

  • For example, 'ż' is a sun consonant. The word 'żejt' (meaning 'oil') begins with 'ż'. So, to say 'the oil', we would say: -żejt .

  • Let's try another one: 'd' is a sun consonant. The word 'dar' (meaning 'house') begins with 'd'. So, to say 'the house', we would say: id-dar .

  • One more just to be sure: 'r' is a sun consonant. The word 'raġel' (meaning 'man') begins with 'r'. So, to say 'the man', we would say: ir-raġel .

  • Tell me if you don't understand.

  • The moon consonants are much simpler - they always use il- as the definite article.

  • For example, 'ġ' is a moon consonant. The word 'ġnien' (meaning 'garden') begins with 'ġ'. So, to say 'the garden', we would say: il-ġnien .

  • One more just to make sure: 'b' is a moon consonant. The word 'baħar' (meaning 'sea') begins with 'b'. So, to say 'the sea', we would say: il-baħar .

  • One more thing you need to know - all words that start with vowels, 'għ' or 'h' all get l- for the definite article.

  • Two examples:

arloġġ = watch / l-arloġġ = the watch

għasfur = bird / l-għasfur = the bird

  • Okay, this is definitely the last thing...!

  • If a moon consonant word comes directly after a word ending in a vowel , it becomes l- (rather than il- ).

  • Example: It is the needle Hu il-labra.

It is the needle = Hu l-labra.

  • Another example: It is the ship Hu il-vapur.

It is the ship = Hu l-vapur.

  • One more example: It is the friend Hu il-ħabib.

It is the friend = Hu l-ħabib.

I know this is a lot to take in, but Maltese is quite a difficult language, so learn these, then come back (next week hopefully) for more!

Grazzi ħafna!


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September 26, 2014



If you complete the tree, you should get a Maltese falcon!


I actually never thought of that, that's brilliant!


Wonderful breakdown on the articles! That was extraordinarily informative and well done. Saħħa!


Grazzi ħafna!


  1. Name three moon and three sun consonants.

  2. How does one say 'pleased to meet you' in Maltese?

  3. How does one form the indefinite article in Maltese?


1a. Moon

K as in kelb [dog]; il-kelb [the dog].

Ħ as in ħamrija [earth]; il-ħamrija [the earth].

Q as in qarn [horn]; il-qarn [the horn].

1b. Sun

S as in serp [snake]; is-serp [the snake].

N as in nar [fire]; in-nar [the fire].

Ċ as in ċpar [fog]; iċ-ċpar [the fog].

\2. Għandi pjaċir!

\3. You don't! AHAHAHAHAH!

Random Maltese word list: http://www.101languages.net/maltese/maltese-word-list/


Well done, full marks, class!

[deactivated user]
    1. Sun = z, x, d ; Moon = k, l, b
    2. Għandi pjċir!
    3. There is no indefinite article. You just put the noun itself :D


    This is awesome! I totally agree with you when you say this should be added. But let me ask you, how did you get interested in this? (As in Maltese?)

    (I'm ReidHT's backup, by the way.)


    Okay, I'll bear that it mind. Grazzi, ReidHT/ReidHt. !


    What's the difference between u and ReidHT?


    'ReidHT.' is 'ReidHT''s backup file. His backup file has a dot on the end.


    Is Malta safe for the Puffin

    in the newspaper today

    The Guardian

    it says that there is a slaughter of birds in Malta


    I am sorry to tell you that bird-hunting is quite popular in Malta. But fear not, because bird sanctuaries are just as much so! Don't worry, if you go the Falcon will protect you!

    And, if you're in the mood, VOTE MALTESE!




    Great explanation of the articles. I think there is a small typo in "ir-ragel". Shouldn't it be "ir-raġel"?


    Absolutely right. Grazzi ħafna!

    [deactivated user]

      Grazzi ħafna :D. I hope you explain the prepostions soon. I still haven't quite worked those out yet. Well I know a handful but a through explanation would be great!


      Mhux problema! The prepositions will certainly come up over the course of the next couple of lessons.

      [deactivated user]

        Cool! BTW, I know you said you're a beginner in Maltese but are you Maltese yourself? Like are your parents from there or something?


        I have links. But that's not even the only reason why I'm so into Maltese, I just think it's a generally brilliant language. And I'm getting better at it.

        [deactivated user]

          Ich stimme dir zu. Maltese IS a brilliant language :D


          There are also konsonanti likwidi (liquid consonants) and special cases when there is another form of the definite article:

          Konsonanti likwidi: l m n r -- if followed by any other consonant

          Special cases: st, sk, sp, sf, xk, żb, żv, żd

          What happens? The definite article is l-i


          sptar (hospital) -> l-isptar

          skola (school) -> l-iskola

          ljun (lion) -> l-iljun

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