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[feature request] For add "tips" Page on Duolingo Android

I find myself having to visit the duolingo on the computer frequently because of its immensely helpful "tips" tab on the bottom of each skill page. People who solely use Android Duolingo don't know about this page and its benefits.

June 8, 2013

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I agree with wnsprk 100%. I started Duolingo on the Android, and it is a frustrating experience without the tips page. I didn't even know there was a tips page until I (finally) logged on to the main site and discovered this discussion.

The app keeps testing me on things that I have not been taught (such as he/she/it verb forms). Naturally, I'm foundering. I'm operating on a chance level when I answer questions, which isn't much fun. In fact, it isn't any fun at all :(

It does not make sense to expect the student to know the things that have not been taught and can't be found on the app.

If you can't add a tips page to the Android app, at least add a tip to the app to let people know there is a tips page on the main web site.

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