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Android App Improvements

I know you just develop the android app and it´s a really helpful tool. But I think you should consider adding the vocabulary function to it, I think reviewing the vocabulary would be great. Thanks.

June 8, 2013



there also seems to be a problem with the listening exercises. on occasion the sound does not play and there is no way to hear it so the question has to be skipped meaning a lost heart.


What type of phone are you on?


it is a zte


I have problems with the "practice mode" in the android app. Every time I practice I get my points, but it doesn't update the "word strength" on the website. Therefore I am always getting the same words over and over again although on the website the "practice mode" is working fine.


You'll see more updates very soon! We're working on adding these types of features.


Merci beaucoup :)

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