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Change of language

My wife, who is studying a number of languages, managed, while using duolingo on her iphone, somehow to change her native language from English to Turkish, and now cannot get rid of it. She doesn't want to lose all the work she's already done, nor set up a brand new profile with new password and user name, which seems to be the only way to get back to English; but she will then be, ipso facto, a new user, and will have to start from scratch. I have tried every conceivable permutation of steps to help her, but it still returns to Turkish whenever she signs in with her original user name and pasword - infuriating! There must be a simple way to correct this, but I can't find it - can anyone out there help? Many thanks.

September 26, 2014



If you have tried everything on the phone, my suggestion is to log in using her profile on the computer, go to this link https://www.duolingo.com/settings/direction, change the language accordingly using the pull-down menu, and click the green button. Then log-in on the phone to see if it's fixed.

If it's not fixed, you can re-download the phone app by deleting it first, then find it again in the app store.

If you have tried all of the above, then I would go and use the support button on the left. Unless others have better suggestions for you.


Another way loging in with the web version.

Click U.S Flag by her profile picture.

Select "Diger Kurslar"

From the drop down menu choose "ingilizce"

Then select a flag of a course she was studying.

The click the button that says "Bu kursa gec"

The select "Home" at the top of page.


hi . same thing happened to me . and i just keep tried different things ........ i have found the way in pc. in main menu there is a flag near ur profile name hover your mouse on flag . u likely see a icon of 2 flag close together .... thats the thing we are looking for . (:


same thing happened with me


i speak english but its in french and i don't know how to change it back


Same with me!! :(


Wow. 3 years passed. :D If the problem is still here i can help you with that via teamviewer or something. I'm Turkish.


Duolingo removed the option to change between main languages on the app, unfortunately. You can change the main language on Duolingo's website and it will reflect on mobile, it's a possible workaround to recover lost activities from other languages that your wife was studying.

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