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"Beide dieren hebben blauwe tongen."

Translation:Both animals have blue tongues.

September 26, 2014



What's the difference between "beiden" and "beide"?

September 26, 2014


You say "beide" in front of people, animals or objects. However, if you refer back to something you mentioned earlier you need to use "beiden" for people.

  • Beide kinderen eten een appel (Both children eat an apple)
  • Beide paarden eten een appel (Both horses eat an apple)
  • De kinderen eten beiden een appel (the children both eat an apple)
  • De paarden eten beide een appel (the horses both eat an apple)
September 27, 2014


Dankjewel! Het is heel duidelijk nu :)

September 27, 2014

  • een, te mij ook!

-een nieuwe studente van nederlandische taal.

July 20, 2015


I don't know what you meant with the first sentence, could you explain?

Nederlandse* btw

November 18, 2015


I mean, "to me also". I know it is not correct.

November 19, 2015


why not : both animals have a blue tongue

July 28, 2019


That is not an accurate translation of this Dutch sentence.

August 14, 2019


It's very good english in itself. And it carries exactly the same information. Could be there's a version in dutch that's both idiomatic and identical to this english, and thus not considered the best translation for the Dutch.

I find it a bit silly that we have to guess at what else exists in Dutch (that we have not yet learned) to know what latitude we have in the English translations, though.

Basically, if "Beide dieren hebben een blauwe tong" is good Dutch too, then we can't use the translation you suggest for "Beide dieren hebben blauwe tongen." If it's not acceptable, then we can.

That's sort of like having to apply Bayesian statistics to our answers. (Or omniscience.) Seems like there should be a better rule for "close enough" that does not presume near-infinite prior knowledge.

August 19, 2019


In a previous sentence Duolingo used the word tongens! Now you say tongen ?! Confused

July 23, 2017


Tong (singular), tongen (plural).

There's no sentence with tongens as that isn't a Dutch word.

July 23, 2017
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