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  5. "The boys eat an orange."

"The boys eat an orange."

Translation:Drengene spiser en appelsin.

September 26, 2014



Can anyone explain to me when to use en and et?


en is the indefinite article for common gender words (for example: en bil (a car), en seng (a bed), en appelsin (an orange))
et is the indefinite article for neuter gender words (for example: et hus (a house), et æg (an egg), et fjernsyn (a television))
Here is a good post from a Duolingo user. Unfortunately the "rules" for determining the gender of words (other than through some endings, and even then it's a bit unreliable) is highly inconsistent but 75% of nouns are common gender


Swedish is the same, by the way... just with "ett" instead of "et" as the only difference.


Aaa, why "et æble" but "en appelsin"

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