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"Kvinden snakker i telefon med sin umulige datter."

Translation:The woman speaks on the phone with her impossible daughter.

September 26, 2014



My mom's done that. :)


Why does 'talk to' not work?


Does the impossible adjective indicate that the daughter is a blacksheep?


No, not black sheep. For me, it is about annoyance. When I call my daughter "umulig" then I do it (mostly for fun) when she is being stubborn, is teasing or is just a little bit annoying. But, she is an adult now, and it was different when she was a baby. Back then I would use "umulig" when she was inconsolable and nothing I did made her stop crying. It could also be when she was so tired that she was hysterical or hyper. If I say it about other people that I don't know intimately, then I say it about behavior that is not okay, but not serious to merit a really angry response. Like a colleague who keeps doing that one thing you've told him a million times to not do.

So, it is about the temporary situations that you get a bit overwhelmed or annoyed by.

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