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Some doubts

I got a little bit confused with some things I learned today, I will be very thankfull if someone help me, there it go:

  • Wich is the difference between "nadie" e "ninguno"?
  • Wich is the difference between "tu" e "su". Like "su car" and "tu car"?
  • "lo quiero mucho" may mean i want HIM a lot, or i want IT a lot right? How I know when "lo" is for thing or for him?

English is not my first language, so I apologize for any mistakes. Tks =)

September 12, 2012



Nadie means nobody and ninguno/ ninguna means none (literally no thing) or neither.

Tu is used with anyone you are very familiar with, or with children. Su can be formal you or his, hers or its.

You can only know whether lo refers to it or to him by context of the rest of the sentence or conversation. That is why duolingo gives you credit for either translation.

Hope this helps =)


It did help a lot =) Thanks so much!

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