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  5. "I have enough room."

"I have enough room."

Terjemahan:Saya punya cukup ruang.

September 26, 2014

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very bad translation.

'i have enough room' means something like 'tidak sempit'. Nothing to do with ROOMS.


Yes, very misleading. "Cukup kamar" struck me as a very strange expression, but I thought for a moment that maybe, just maybe, it could be used to mean "enough space" / "enough room". Luckily I saw your comment, which suggests that this is not the case, before I actually learned to use this absurd expression. I'll use the report button.

I'm still not sure if the same considerations apply to "cukup ruangan".


I agree; Please report it with the button.

Jadi, terjemahan yang harus baik, saya pikir: "Cukup ruang" = enough space, enough room (ketika kamu membutuhkan lebih banyak ruang)


cukup kamar

kamar cukup



"Saya punya kamar yang cukup" Gw bener kok ...


I think this expression used to answer question when you reserve a room in hotel.


Kenapa tidak rooms? Kan banyak

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