"We go as far as the restaurant."

Translation:Andiamo fino al ristorante.

June 8, 2013

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'Fino' goes always with an 'a'?


So "fino al" means "as far as?"


Is it just me or does the english sentence sound very strange? should it maybe be "as far as to the restaurant?"


The English sounds fine to my native ears.


Well it's just that if I say "I go as far as Miley Cyrus" that means i'll lick a hammer and ride a wrecking ball and not that I'm walking to the spot where Miley Cyrus is standing.


The English translation is essentially correct. but would be better suited to future tensel I.i. we will go as far as the restaurant


Yes, the English is fine. I disagree that it's better suited to future tense. Eg. 'How far do you two jog every morning?' 'Oh, we go as far as the restaurant and then we walk.' Or 'How long do we stay on this bus?' 'We go as far as the restaurant actually, you know the one on the corner, and then it's our stop.' Etc. Etc. Etc. I can provide a hundred other examples if anyone is interested but I have my doubts. :)


I put vadiamo fino al ristorante and got it wrong. What is the first person plural of venere? (we go)


Veniamo - but it means "to come" rather than "to go."

[deactivated user]

    andiamo - we go.


    "As far as" can also be translated as "distante di."

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