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Timed practice glitch?

I'm trying to do timed practice through the web interface on my iPad and the session ends after one question. Is anyone else finding this?

September 27, 2014



Hi Polypuff,

I am not part of the tech team but this happens to me too sometimes. Try closing the other applications on your iPad to free up memory. You can do this by double tapping the button on the side of your iPad, then flicking the apps up towards the top of the screen until they disappear. I think I have a 32GB capacity iPad. It still kind of touch and go. Also, I am still on iOS7 and don't know anything about iOS8.

Anyhow, I'm not certain if that will work. But, it is worth a shot and it's the only reason I can guess why it works for me sometimes but not at other.


Thanks for the suggestion. I think I figured it out - I can't see the clock on the iPad, so I didn't realise I'm actually running out of time.


It is the same with iOS 8

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