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  5. "Beviamo dagli uomini."


"Beviamo dagli uomini."

June 8, 2013



BAH How would I ever know that uomini in this sense meant "at the men's place"?

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It's not uomini, it's "da" that changes the noun into a place: "Passo da te" (I'm stopping by you, at your place), "Vieni da me" (come where I am, at my place), "Sto da Roberto" (I'm at Roberto's place). It's close to the French "chez" and the German "bei" if you're familiar with any of them.


Thanks I'll keep that in mind.


the hint says at the, at or to the. How on earth do duo think that helps get to at the men's place. Sorry the guidance fails here


Duo lingo failed on instruction here. No way to know and no explanation even when "peeking". And how does "we drink at the men's" even make sense. And in what context (except on the moon?) would one say "we drink at the men's place".


The hint also said "to the", which sounded better to me: We drink to the men. (As in a toast.) But it was counted incorrect. Fail here.

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Yes, that idiom doesn't work in Italian; it has to be either "beviamo alla salute degli uomini" or "brindiamo agli uomini". Salute isn't literal here, it's reminiscent of its more ancient meanings of wishing well (compare with salutations).


I agree with Connont. They should not spring this on us without prior explanation and then take one of our precious hearts! Thanks to Formica for an excellent explanation.


Ho tradotto: "We drink at the men" e avete segnalato l'errore. Per favore, spiegatemi in quale meandro avete trovato la parola "place". E' difficile entrare nella mente dell'autore quando,solo lui, sa cosa scrive e perchè lo scrive. Bye. Grazie Formica, ora ho appena letto la tua spiegazione, ciao.


One suggested English version in particular sounds unhygienic: "We drink at the men's".


How are we supposed to get that? Dagli can also mean "to the!" I thought this was a toast!

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