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  5. "Hans kone er dejlig."

"Hans kone er dejlig."

Translation:His wife is lovely.

September 27, 2014



Why doesn't "delightful" work for dejlig? It looks like the words are related and it's given as a definition on Wiktionary.


That also sounds more compatible with the explanation of Regrets in this thread.


My Danish mother thinks that this might be more 'beautiful', rather than lovely - in this context


I wouldnt use "dejlig" in this sentence.. dejlig is something you would say about someone or something you have a close bond to or find extremely pleasant. To say that someone elses wife is "dejlig" would probably be seen as if you were atracted to her. instead of "dejlig" for "lovely" I would say "hyggelig" or "sk√łn". "Dejlig" is something I would use about my boyfriend or dog, or about the taste of something I like, for example a cupcake. ;)


I once again made the mistake of interpreting kone as cow... :D

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