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  5. "Lampen er moderne men dyr."

"Lampen er moderne men dyr."

Translation:The lamp is modern but expensive.

September 27, 2014



Why does "moderne" end with an E but not "dyr" (as dyre)?


"Moderne" doesn't change in any of it's forms, so always ends in an e, however "dyr" does change and here is describing a singular, common gender noun, so the base form is used


Can modern be translated as fashionable as it does in Swedish?


Can someone give me some etymology light on dyr. Were animals crazy expensive in Denmark or something?


A Wiki gives the meaning of noun "animal" as Old Norse dýr, from Proto-Germanic deuzą, and of the adjective "dear" as Old Norse dýrr from Proto-Germanic diurijaz. In German the two show up as "Tier" and "teuer."


Had translated dyr as costly, was marked wrong - pricey was the word given. Please can you add costly as well? thanks.

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