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Super carretera en India

En el parrafo 'Much as the U.S. interstate highway system mobilized American society and grooved the postwar economy, India hopes the Golden Quadrilateral will push the country's economic engine into overdrive—bringing the benefits of growth in its booming metropolises out to its impoverished villages, where more than half the population lives.'" As the priest works his way down a long line of vehicles, Menaka's older brother Dhana lights a coconut, circling the motor scooter three times with the smoking husk before smashing it to bits on the pavement in front of the scooter. Puedo ver claramente la imagen vivo en Deli y se puede ver a lso coemrciates de cocos con las vespas en la calle, imagino a este saserdote explicando lo de la supercarretera, hata podria enviar una foto al foro, Creo este texto esta mal redactado en ingles

September 12, 2012

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