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unable to disable Duolingo coach after latest iOS update

I could enable coach for any language and then at any stage I could disable it. but with 4.1 update for ios I can no longer disable the coach.

September 27, 2014



Same for me. I think I'm a couple of versions behind, but I don't see where to confirm my current version. I found the coach to be fairly worthless. The constant pop ups are annoying. But when you want to know if you are on schedule you have to wait for the popup.


Same thing's happening to me. I only have the options of 10, 20, 30, or 50 XP a day with my Dutch tree.


Same here. It's especially annoying because the coach bugs out when I switch source languages. I have the coach on for spanish to french but not for English to French. Every time I switch my source language to spanish even if I don't go into spanish to french the ios language specific streak for French resets to 1 day.


I tested with a new account. iPhone/iPad app is now forcing all new users to join Coach mode. I tried to add new languages from website, still it applies coach mode to new languages. This would really make me quit duolingo. They should allow us to disable that irritating Coach.

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