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Can't login or create new account with iOS app

Hi guys, i'm having a lot of trouble using Duolingo on my new iphone recently. My phone runs iOS 8 and i downloaded the app from app store.

When i tried to log in upon opening the app, it says "We couldn't connect to Duolingo, try signing in later"; when i tried to reset my password from the app, it says "we couldn't find any account associated with this email address" (and i'm sure the email address is correct); and when i tried to create a new account, it says "we're having trouble creating a new account for you at the moment".

I tried: log in with both Wifi and LTE; Uninstall and re-install; Reset my password and email address using web (and web version works); log in with my android tablet (and it also works)

Can anyone please help me with this?

Many thanks!!

September 27, 2014



I am having this same issue and error messages, both with ipad and iphone. Website login works but neither one of the apps is able to connect.


I'm having the exact same issue. I noticed that my streak wasn't updating on the site when I used my phone, so I uninstalled and re-installed the app - now I can't login.


I am using iOS 8 on my iPhone and iPad and it seems to works fine for logging on and everything else. Have you installed the latest release? which is currently 8.0.2. Can you login using Safari? Or is just the App giving trouble?


I've been having this problem too. I have an iPhone 5s and went into my phone's settings. Under Duolingo, I realized there is a setting that's says "connect using cellular data". I turned this setting on and I was able to log on to the dulingo app again! Hope this helps!

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