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"Sai come accendere la macchina?"

Translation:Do you know how to start the car?

September 27, 2014



Accendere in general means to turn on. It has many translations, depending on the object: light a fire/cigarette/candle, switch on a light, start a car, turn on a TV, arouse desire, etc. It is even applied colloquially to "take out" a loan.


I think it's funny how one of the translations was "Do you know how to set fire to the car?"


I thought come wasn't necessary if you're saying "know how to"


I would agree that "come" is redundant here, given that "sapere + infinitive" is generally taught to mean "know how to" (do something).


Yeah that's what I thought... okay thanks. :)


I think it is not on the hints list because one option was "spark", which could be the closest answer. That could mean a spark from a spark-plug (to start the car).

I don't know for sure, but it's a guess.


Interesting... My hints were - kindle inflame catch - no spark


Thought avviare was to start (a car)?


Think about the root of avviare - "via". Hence it means to start moving rather than to start the engine.


All three hints are not correct.


And my three hints were catch fire, turn on and switch on! July 2019.


Why the "start" is not in the help-word?


Can you also say "Sai come si accende la macchina?"


To start the car UP was refused - this is common in English.


You know these read-aloud-exercises, don't you? I always wondered why my sentences were accepted well before I finished them and why words appear in blue (indicating a correct pronouncation) in a different sequence as they are ordered in the sentence. Now with this sentence I put it to the test: I read the words in the wrong sequence beginning at the end with "macchina" and ending at the start with "Sai". And guess what happened — it was perfectly accepted. That's funny, but it's also kind of alarming.


Why is "Can you start the car?" wrong?


Because the translation is “do you know how to start the car?” If you want to ask how to start the car you would write “Puoi accendere la macchina?” Hope I helped :)


I beg to differ.

Elsewhere "Sai parlare tedesco? " was translated as "Can you speak German?"

The verb SAPERE ( to know, to be able, to [can] ) (from https://academy.italymadeeasy.com)

Thanks for disagreeing with me. Now I had to really look into it. :)


I'm unsure as to why you answered so sharply, anyway, 'Sai accendere la macchina?' It's more like asking, do you know how to start the car, where as 'Puoi accendere la macchina?' means more like 'are you able to start the car?' maybe the car's out of petrol?

When asking if someone can speak a language in Italian, you never use the verb potere, it's always sapere it's just the way it is, I thought you would know that at level 25.

Like in Italian they use the verb 'to have' to express when they are hot or cold (ho freddo/caldo) etc.

Whereas when talking about how hot it might be outside the verb 'to do' is used (Oggi fa caldo/freddo)

You have to understand that not everything translates directly from English, especially the use of verbs in different contexts; that's what makes the whole process of learning a language interesting.

I apologise for trying to help you with something, and I find the way you responded unnecessarily rude; perhaps if you would have given a more refined question, I could have provided you with a more thorough answer to your question.



Dear biscuitgoblins,

Sharpness or rudeness was certainly not intended. I think that if you read my reply again with this in mind, you will recognise this. The last sentence was meant as a joke. Nevertheless sorry for upsetting you. If you prefer I shall gladly delete my response.

Regards, John


I don't see, how anybody could consider your remarks as being rude!

You would have to be extremely sensitive!


ma volete incendiare la macchina o avviarla, o metterla in moto? qualcuno conosce l'italiano?


Do you know how to turn on a car? Should be correct. Sai come iniziato la macchina? This is: Do you know how to start a car?


I put "Are you able to start the car" Why is that incorrect? 'Sai come' hover hints offers "are you able to..." as a translation of Sai come.


Macchina is a car


'Do you know how to switch on the macchine' was marked as wrong. Switch on and turn on are interchangeable, I think, so I have reported it. Onward and upward folks!


Machine has one c in english


Well spotted Valerie9579. A typo on my part.... I do sometimes have difficulty switching between English and Italian spellings and I am a native English speaker so I should have spotted that little blooper. And, of course, 'macchina' in Italian is a car, not a machine.


macchina also means machine.

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