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Grammar books

I think I need extra help with grammar so I was going to have look at what books there are. Grammar is my weakest area in any language, next comes spelling but in school I was dyslexic and nobody figured it out but I seemed to be intelligent enough to figure out my own way to remember how to spell. I never quite figured out a good way to learn grammar.

So because of the dyslexia and the difficulty I find in learning grammar, I'm going to need a clearly laid out book that doesn't overload on info but explains things really well. If there's too much on the page my brain will just turn itself off.

I currently live in one of the worst towns in the country so I can't browse around a bookshop because there is none, I don't know when I can get to another town to have a look. So I might just look around online although at the moment my internet is down so it'll be whenever I scab someone else's broadband.

September 27, 2014



Personally, I suggest just using Gramadach na Gaeilge, though it is only available online.


It’s certainly thorough, but it remains incompletely translated; German bits can still be read there, but a little knowledge of German suffices to live with it.


I think that you’ll need to define “overload on info” more clearly. Would you point to some online examples of grammar instruction (not necessarily for Irish) which you consider to be overloaded, and some which you consider to be clearly laid out and explained well? That might help people to make a recommendation for an Irish grammar book which you would find suitable.


I can't really give many examples as I'm on my phone using someone else's broadband for the next few days, but as an example that link has way too much going on. There's writing all over the place and my eyes dart from one thing to another too quick. Where as something like duolingo is cleaner and easier to read.


So is your concern more with the layout of text on a page, rather than with the density of information in the text? How do you find the Irish grammar article on Wikipedia?

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