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"She is working at the big prison."

Translation:Zij is in de grote gevangenis aan het werken.

September 27, 2014



Could we use op de grote gevangenis? Instead of in de grote gevangenis?


It is possible if she is litterally ON the roof, i.e. cleaning solar panels on the roof.


How common is the use of the continuous formation in every-day Dutch communication? Thanks to anyone who can answer this for me.


You are going to hear a lot of "... aan het ...." It is quite common.


Bedankt voor het antwoord! Ik heb het gezien terwijl ik aan het studeren ben. Did I make a mess of things with my answer? One year later and I'm still having difficulty. However, I refuse to give up!


why is the phrase " zij is aan het werken in de grote gevangenis" not accepted ?


It was accepted for me.


what about - zij werkt in het grote gevangenis ?????


The given sentence means she is working right now. Zij werkt in de grote gevangenis = She works at the big prison


If you replace "het" by "de" it's a correct sentence. But its has a slightly different meaning. It's more a general statement that she works there. The sentence indicates that she works there at this moment. The word "aan" is important in that case. You not say that in English I guess but closest is "She is ON the work (right now)"


As Susande mentioned the sentence is implying that the action of 'working' is ongoing, thus the use of a continuous formation (e.g. 'zijn+aan+het+infinitive) is needed.


Working at a company can also be translated as "werken bij een bedrijf", so why would Zij werkt bij de grote gevangenis not be right?


because this is the practise of present continuous. so if you want to use bij it would be like this: "zij is bij de grote gevangenis aan het werken"


Hadasi2013, "zij werkt in DE grote gevangenis" works, though. I think your answer wasn't accepted because you used "het" instead of "de", but "gevangenis" is a "de" word. I tried "zij werkt in de grote gevangenis" and it was accepted


only: Zij werkt "in" de grote gevangenis.


This impossible language aaaaaaarrrgghhh!!!!


Nah! Even little children can learn it.


"lik" is not accepted here, although that's another word for "gevangenis"

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