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"Did they go to the museum recently?"

Translation:Sono andati al museo recentemente?

June 8, 2013



I said "sono andati recentemente al museo" and lost a heart. Is word order really so important in Italy?


Italy, no. Duolingo, yes. They have to input them in after all.


I put 'Sono andate', thinking of a group of women, and lost a heart. :( Is that not also correct for 'they', with the past participle agreeing in number and gender with the subject, because the auxilliary verb is essere?


You are correct, "sono andate" should be accepted.


still not working, reported again


whoo-oo! Glad to report that I keep my heart today with:
sono andate al museo recentemente
Aug 2014


Despite adverbs customarily following right after the verbs they modify Duo marked wrong: ,,,Sono andati recentemente al museo,,, I reported it.


This word order thing is getting ridiculous. It was always my understanding that the adverb came directly after verb. But the last three questions the adverb was stuck at the end of the sentence. Why??


I was marked wrong for using andavano - is that actually incorrect, and can someone explain why?


I think "andavano" is more like "were they going to the museum..." something that took place in the past , but maybe over a long stretch of time, like with frequency or habit. They did it often. "Sono andati" would express an event that occurred maybe once.


"sono recentemente andati al museo?" - what's wrong with this?


The adverb definitely comes after the verb which in this case is andati


Could anybody with a solid understanding please explain when the adverb modifies the verb and when it does to the sentence?


I thought that in the compound tenses like the passato prossimo the adverb, here, recentemente, could (should) be placed after the auxiliary verb but before the past participle, as in sono recentemente andati in lieu of following the verb as in sono andati recentemente. I am surprised to see that both constructions are apparently wrong and do not know why.

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