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"The skirts have exactly the same color."

Translation:Nederdelene har præcis samme farve.

September 27, 2014



I said 'præcis den samme farve' which Duo corrected to 'præcist', although the answer has 'præcis samme farve' - can someone tell me why my version with the definite article needs a 't' on præcis?


Why don't you have to say "de" or something like that? The english sentence has "the".


The the in the Danish sentence is in the "-ne" suffix on the end of "Nederdele". Saying "De nederdele" would mean "Those shirts"


Thanks for your reply, but I was talking about the 'the' after exactly. Why is that one left out?


I think it's an optional thing, but fairly common to hear it without the definite article, especially if the noun is following the samme, although here it should be den rather than de if you were to add it in (because farve is singular and common gender)


So is the version with den technically correct then? Because I put that and it was rejected


Same here. Ripped off!


If someone could explain the distribution of "præcis" and "preæcist", it would be awesome.


Maybe I'm just being petty but the inconsistency of Duolingo's spell checking is really starting to bother me. I spelled "nederdelene" , nederdalene and I got it wrong. One letter different, yet on other sentences I've completely mispelled words and got it right. Why was this one not a "typo"?


I have noticed that when a typo changes the meaning of a word it is graded 'wrong', even if it is just one letter wrong.


Nederdalene looks like "the lower valleys", but isn't


I've often confused skjorte with skirt because it's so similar.

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