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  5. "We will eat early."

"We will eat early."

Translation:Vi spiser tidligt.

September 27, 2014



Is it wrong to say: "Vi vil spiser tidligt."?


If you use the ver "at ville" it would be more like "I would like to eat early". I think a better translation would be "vi skal spise tidligt", since the verb "at skulle" can be used for plan, suggestion or agreement. Since there are only 4 verb tenses in danish, it is indeed very common to use the present as future, but to translate as such, we would need a better context.


The English translation uses the simple future. Is it usual in Danish to speak in the present tense when referring to the future?


I liked the explanation below: " In Danish the future is usually unmarked, using the present tense form. Sometimes the modals vil ("want") and skal ("must") are used instead to indicate futurity, and sometimes blive "become" can have the meaning "will be". "


Thanks. For a moment I thought the Duchess of Cambridge replied. Is that a feather in your graduation cap?


Yes I think so. I tried to search the web without luck though, but I personally cant come up with any sentence where we dont use present tense when referring to the future.


i think there is no future tense


Why isn't "We eat early" accepted? Tak.


Is tidligt supposed to sound something like tlrlllit?


Could I say "jeg skal spiser tidligt"?

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