"The grandmother does not like to drive at night."

Translation:Bedstemoren kan ikke lide at køre om natten.

September 27, 2014

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Should approve 'bedstemoderen'


There is a modal verb (kan) before "køre". So why add "at" before it?

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The "kan" is for the verb "lide", then the "at køre.." is added on, similar to the English construction "like to.."


The "at" kind of work as your "to" in English. Like when you say "I like to read" it's "Jeg kan lide at læse". I would say it works as a "supporter" to the verb. The "kan" is more for the "lide" as it explains first wheter or not she likes it before telling what exactly it is she likes/dislikes.


Why is it marked wrong to say "Bedstemoren kan ikke godt lide at køre om natten." I thought kan lide and kan godt lide meant virtually the same thing, just more emphatic with the godt.


"...kan ikke godt lide..." sounds very wrong. You would say "...kan ikke lide...". If you say "godt lide", it's you "really like"; "ikke lide" is "not like", obviously; combining it to "ikke godt lide" would point the meaning of the sentence in opposite directions. "...ikke godt lide..." is simply not Danish.


Thank you so much for this reply. So I'm inferring from this that you would never say "kan ikke godt lide" in Danish?


I would never say that, no. Certainly not in the sentence we are speaking of.

You are going to hate Danish now, because there is a saying "kan ikke så godt lide X". That means "...don't like X that much".


LOL, how can I hate Danish when English is much worse in so many ways!


why is just 'køre' enough and in another sentence about a girl who cannot drive :'køre bil' ??


Approve bedstemoderen.

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