It seems that DL does not accept straightforward typos when the mistyped word happens to be a proper word. Probably it is not language specific though I cannot tell for sure. I think it would ease a lot of pain is this was adjusted in the main typo detection algorithm.

September 27, 2014


But how would it know that it was a typo and not an incorrect word?

the people who contribute to the language course, insert those typos, or add them, because many fast typers sometimes get a little typo ;) they get them from reports, depending on the difficulty on the language (by that i mean, the lettering), it may take more time to insert those typos to be valid.

the point is basically to know how to spell it write, but i do agree with the typo issue. but it will take some time to add it,

“How to spell it write”?

oops, i mean right :P

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