Audio not working for Android app

Hi I'm using the latest Android app version on a Samsung Captivate S Glide with CM (Cyanogen Mod - a mod OS based off latest JB). The text input works great. But I cannot play any audio on any of the exercise types. This is a problem especially for the audio exercises! I tried using both the Android speaker and a pair of earphones. Do I need to specifically use earphones with a built-in mic? Thanks.

June 9, 2013


I am having the same issue on Samsung i5500. I can hear the buttons click, but no audio for exercises. :(

July 6, 2013

Are you using a custom ROM? If so, backup your apps+data, wipe the system and do a clean reinstall of the ROM. I did that and it fixed the problem. I'm not sure what was wrong but I assume the initial upgrade I did wasn't a fully clean one.

July 6, 2013

I did not tamper with that, but did a factory reset yesterday. Could that have caused the problem?

July 6, 2013

Possibly. You may want to back up your apps+data and do a system reinstall.

July 9, 2013

I also have the issue .I've already turn everything on regarding any sounds, voice effect did not work for about few days. What I've done in few days was only adding few courses like Spanish and Italian. I am using Samsung S6. Please anyone ?

May 27, 2017

I'm having the same issue on the galaxy S9+. Anyway to fix this?

September 25, 2018

jdsmith773, I see no one has a fix for you :( I'm having same issue with my s9+ and haven't yet figured out how to fix it.

January 12, 2019
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