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Only being asked to translate from Spanish to English?

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Pretty much all of my lessons only involve translating from Spanish to English when I am on my PC. However, when I am using the duolingo app on my tablet this problem seems to disappear.

Has anyone else experienced this?

3 years ago



It seems to vary. You may be a subject in an A/B test to see what 'works better.' ;)

3 years ago


I'll keep an eye out. I personally thought it was about the opposite for me, but I could be wrong.

3 years ago


I'll keep an eye out as well, i actually feel like i don't get enough english to spanish questions. Wish i'd get more of those.

3 years ago


Are you strengthening skills or learning new ones? I noticed that when I strengthen skills I get an even balance between English-Spanish and Spanish-English, and when I learn a new skill I get primarily Spanish-English with a few listening or English-Spanish at the very end. (I have microphone turned off on the web version.)

3 years ago