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"We have taken him to the airport."

Translation:We hebben hem naar het vliegveld gebracht.

September 27, 2014



Why does genomen not work in this sentence?


To take can have different meanings, in this case it is to bring which is brengen in Dutch. When to take has the meaning as in taking an item from a bowl then this is pakken or nemen in Dutch.

A tricky thing with to take is that there also is the Dutch verb meenemen (to take along), which has a very close meaning: We hebben hem naar het vliegveld meegenomen (We have taken him with us to the airport).


The verb "nemen" can mean to take possession of or sometimes to grab, but not to bring with you. It is almost never used with people as the object. It would be possible to use the separable verb "meenemen", which means to take along or to take with you.

I am not sure why the English sentence here uses "taken" instead of "brought". We might change that.

Edit: Susande is a true ninja


It actually makes more sense to me that it's "take". At least in American English, we'd normally say take in this sentence (with the implication that the person taking him to the airport is not themselves staying there). While "bring" would work equally well, it would imply either that you will be remaining at the airport as well, or that you are saying this to someone who is currently at the airport.


Sorry, but I cannot understand why they don't admit "We brachten hem naar het vliegveld"



'we hebben hem meegenomen naar het vliegveld' should be right as well imho


No because that would suggest you were going to the hospital as well. So that would more like "we took him/it with us to the airport"


Airport, no idea why I typed hospital the first time.


we hebben hem gebracht naar het vliegveld is marked wrong, why?


Gebracht has to be at the end of the sentence; "We hebben hem naar het vliegveld gebracht".

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