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Glitch: skoen og foråret

Hej, Whenever I practice Danish, the first session I do invariably contains prompts to translate "the shoe" and "the spring". Initially, I figured that it was because I had gotten these words wrong before, so Duolingo wanted to drill them into my head. But this has persisted, probably for two weeks. Is there some sort of mistake in the algorithm, perhaps? I just wanted to bring this to someone's attention, and I didn't think the normal feedback would be relevant for this.

September 28, 2014



Yeah, I also noticed that the strengthen skills has 90% of the same questions over and over again.


I have the same issue with 'skoen' and also 'jakkesættet'. Although I certainly did need the practice for the second one.


Those are the two I usually get too, along with 'hatten'.


The strengthen skills part is really not working properly. To get just one bar up in the 'Places' skill, I have to strengthen the skill 5 times and about 8 times I get the same words, every single time (gaarden, torvet, kontoret, muren etc).


The same thing happened to me, also with the words skoen and foråret.


For mig hender det med 'køkkenet', 'gården' og 'grænsen'


Well, whatever the problem was, it was fixed! Everything is back to normal, and I haven't seen any pesky foråret, skoen or ægteskabet. Tak så meget, Duolingo Team!


I think this was explained here, but basically it's being looked at.


I also keep getting "ægteskabet" along with "skoen" and "foråret"


Thank you guys for all the input, we are looking into it!

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