I am 74 and love Duolingo. I seem to be doing well with it thanks to the very smart people involved in the continuing development of it. Is there an older active participant somewhere out there?

June 9, 2013


Hi! Happy to hear you're part of the community. One thing I love about Duolingo members is that they are of all ages. You are definitely not the only 74 year old learning a language through Duolingo :) Would love to hear how you discovered us and what is motivating you to learn a language.

I have dabbled some with Spanish for several years, mostly through internet sites. Not long ago I was googling the subject of Spanish and discovered Duolingo. It is evident Duolingo is by far the best site there is and the idea of doing some translating appeals to me. I'm learning the language simply for the pleasure of doing so. I do admire people who speak a second language.

It depends on what you consider "older." I have fifty one years (lol).

Good point! I meant older than I am. I still remember being fifty one, and in the words of redneckray, above, it was a very good year.

wow, I thought I was having hallucinations because I was just about to write something similar. I'm interested to see if there are any older partipants out there, too. I'm also only 74 and yes, I too remember 51 as a good year. I found the site through TED and find the method very successful.
Can somebody please tell me what the round red symbols mean (the flags I get)?

Do you mean the flame icon on your home page with a number beside it? If so, it is your "stream" meaning the consecutive number of days you have accomplished adding to your skill points.

I'm 66 and fluent in Dutch (my mother tongue), French, German and English. As one of my daughters is now married to a Spaniard I thought that I ought to add Spanish, for I hate travelling to a country where I cannot communicate. One of my sons discovered Duolingo for me and we now race each other. Also attend an evening class.

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