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Duo accepting completely wrong answers?

I was practicing on the iOS app and I had a mental blank and just couldn't remember the Italian word for Entrepreneur, so I just typed "ggg" to move onto the next question. Strangely, Duo marked this response correct! I tried it again on the next question to make sure I hadn't discovered some secret hack. :)

Has this kind of thing happened to anyone else?

Alt text

September 28, 2014



The app cut you slack. Simple as that.

No, really, I've never seen this one. I've done it with pronunciations before (unintentionally botching a word), and it lets me through to the next question, hearts intact. Most likely a bug, I'm sure.


I have never had that happen either o.O


Hi! Thanks for reporting this! Could you edit your post and move it to the Troubleshooting forum? Just select "Troubleshooting" in the forum drop down menu in place of "Duolingo". If you don't have that option in your drop down menu, you'll need to subscribe to that forum. Here are instructions for how to subscribe to a forum.

Thanks again! ^_^


No problem, done :)


This happens to my friend. Every time he has a question that requires him to speak, he could say anything and it will accept it.


Oh yeah, the mic is totally buggy. But, it's not so much about getting people to pronounce things correctly as it is just getting people to say things out loud. (I went to Youtube and to a friend to help me with my pronunciation.) So, it is up to Duolingoers to get out of it what they put in. ;) I personally turned off my mic a long time ago and have just said everything out loud since. But, when Duolingo tested just taking out the mic completely, users didn't stick around as long. So, buggy or not, it's helpful to a lot of folks. And, it got me started on the journey to practicing out loud, which has been a major advance in my ability to converse and get a feeling for if I've said soemething correctly or not.. ^_^

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