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  5. "The same food"

"The same food"

Translation:Det samme mad

September 28, 2014



If 'mad' is an en word, why is the correct answer here 'DET samme mad'?


@Regrets, apparently the maximum amount of replies per one comment has been reached, since I cannot directly reply to your last post. Just wanted to say tak for taking the time to ponder all this :). I've also noticed that many sentences have this structure: "Det er en kat", but I suppose that is correct, when thought of as an answer to a question like 'Hvad er det?'.


Agree. This must be wrong. Det er samme mad, yes that is possible to say. But not Det samme mad.


mad is an -en word (Maden = the food), so unless I am mistaken, this translation is grammatically incorrect. I really do think it is supposed to be "Den samme mad."


En mad - maden, derfor den samme mad


So am I correct in thinking that duolingo has this wrong and "den" is the correct answer


Ja, det er korrekt. There is no 'madet' or 'et mad' in danish.


I agree with the comments above, it should be "Den samme mad".

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