"The same food"

Translation:Det samme mad

September 28, 2014

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If 'mad' is an en word, why is the correct answer here 'DET samme mad'?


@Regrets, apparently the maximum amount of replies per one comment has been reached, since I cannot directly reply to your last post. Just wanted to say tak for taking the time to ponder all this :). I've also noticed that many sentences have this structure: "Det er en kat", but I suppose that is correct, when thought of as an answer to a question like 'Hvad er det?'.


Agree. This must be wrong. Det er samme mad, yes that is possible to say. But not Det samme mad.


mad is an -en word (Maden = the food), so unless I am mistaken, this translation is grammatically incorrect. I really do think it is supposed to be "Den samme mad."


En mad - maden, derfor den samme mad


I agree with the comments above, it should be "Den samme mad".


Den samme mad is currently accepted but the default translation is still Det samme mad. Actually, Google gives quite many results for the latter but fewer than for the former. Does it have something to do with mad being uncountable? Like we say noget mad instead of nogen mad?


Could be a common colloquial mistake. Or a mistake made by omitting parts like "det er samme mad"?


So am I correct in thinking that duolingo has this wrong and "den" is the correct answer


Ja, det er korrekt. There is no 'madet' or 'et mad' in danish.

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