"De beer"

Translation:The bear

September 28, 2014



Well, this could be "de bier" or "de beer"...maybe it should be heard as "De man drinkt de bier" or "De beer woont in de bergen". That way, one would mistake what type of "bier" / "beer" is heard.

What do you think?

October 5, 2014


You can tell which it is from the article: de beer / het bier.

June 22, 2015


@Keen: bier is a 'het'-noun: het bier, not de bier. The other one, beer, is a 'de'-noun. So if you only made those two words out what you heard, you would know that it must be beer, since the article 'de' is more clearly heard.

What I heard when listening (to the slowly pronounced version) was 'de bijen' (the bees) :) I would propose a rerecord. Whether it would help to put the word in a sentence remains to be seen. Then it would depend on the knowledge the reader has of the other words in the sentence - sufficient to deduce (the meaning of) 'de beer'.

July 14, 2016


Ya, I put in bier. I like loveanddelectro's idea of meshing them together.

October 5, 2014


Yeah, it could be.

April 15, 2017


is there a difference in pronunciation with 'beer' and 'bier'?

December 20, 2014


Yes, a double e is pronounced more like "ay" would be in English, whereas ie is more like "ee" in English. So the words sound more like "bayr" and "beer" if you're reading them from an English standpoint.

February 5, 2015


Not in this case - words ending in -eer don't follow the usual pronunciation of ee, so beer and bier sound similar. Also weer and wier, heer and hier, etc.

June 22, 2015


You are wrong. There is a clear difference between how you say beer and bier.

November 2, 2017


Not in any of my experiences of hearing either word. Maybe in other provinces the difference is more noticeable, but in Leiden/Den Haag/Rotterdam they're practically the same. Dhr de Beer doesn't pronounce his name 'de Behr', but rather in the way an English person would expect it to sound.

November 3, 2017


Its true...

November 27, 2017



November 27, 2017


Yes. Dutch "beer" has a vowel similar to English "fear". Dutch "bier" has a vowel similar to English "see".

June 15, 2019


De beer drinkt het bier?

June 6, 2017


The bear drinks the beer.

June 15, 2019


Is this where the diamond cartel got its name?

January 27, 2015


It's named after the boers who originally owned the land where the first mine was dug, their last name was de Beer

June 1, 2015


Is "beer" pronounced more like "bayr" or "bier"?

June 24, 2016


More like 'bier'.

June 24, 2016


Neither. Have a look at Forvo: https://forvo.com/word/bier/#nl

June 15, 2019
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