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  5. "The cat is drinking it."

"The cat is drinking it."

Translation:Katten drikker den.

September 28, 2014



How do you know whether to use den or det?


When the sentence does not define what the cat is drinking, then it can be both "den" and "det".

"Katten drikker den" and "Katten drikker det" are both correct.


I chose "Katten drikker den." and the program said it is wrong but then program give my answer as one of the correct responses. What's up with that?


Did you select all the correct responses?


The instructions say to mark all correct responses. So if you only chose one in the multiple choice selection, then it's marked as incorrect.


Both "Katten drikker det." and "Katten drikker den." must be chosen for the multiple choice, at least in the version I had. There could be other multiple choice versions out there.


I chose Katten drikket det, thinking that water "vand på danks er Et-vand... It was wrong but it was one of the possible translations... how???


the cat could have not been drinking water. Believe me on the ones where it says choose all correct answers, you can pick more than one.


Could have been maelken ... or saften


But what is it drinking


I thought, perhaps incorrectly, that in the Danish language, if the gender of the object is not known, the translation always defaults to the neutral -et ending. Unless the cat is drinking itself, we do not know whether the object of 'it' is common or neutral, so why is this translation using DEN rather than DET? Tak for svaret


Because the gender is unknown. The cat could be drinking both a natural and common thing, which means that in this case both den and det are correct. If you were to know the gender, but it isn't specified in this sentence, I think you should use the correct one (whichever one you are talking about in that case)

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