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  5. "En tiger spiser min mand."

"En tiger spiser min mand."

Translation:A tiger is eating my husband.

September 28, 2014



The tiger just happened to get in ahead of the man-eating elephants.


Shouldn't there been another word for animal-eating besides "spiser"?


Native speaker here.

You could use "æder", as in "En tiger æder min mand.", since "æder" and "spiser" are essentially synonymous. The distinction is that "spiser" is just "eats/eating", while "æder" is a very crude word. It's eating in a greedy or disgusting manner, e.g. unrestrained consuming of large amounts of food.

However, while "æder" isn't exclusively for 'animal-eating', it could definitely be used in this situation as well.


I guess 'at Æde' could be used, but I'm not a native. Ask one. I believe 'at spise' is quite a bit more common.


This sentence is memorable but the verb 'æder' - from which we get the english 'eat' - would be the better choice. Danish, like German, has two verbs 'to eat'. Spiser means polite eating. Æder is used mainly with animals, but even then not always - kaninen spiser græs, the rabbit eats grass. With humans 'æder' means to devour, to wolf food down (as it were).


So why is it incorrect to say the tiger is eating my husband, versus the tiger eats my husband? Since there isn't any past/future terms in danish.


Damn it, i was saving him for later mr. Tiger >:(


She sounds rather calm about it

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