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  5. "Mich verändern Sie auch."

"Mich verändern Sie auch."

Translation:You are changing me as well.

September 28, 2014



I put, "Change me, too" because I thought that if the Sie followed its verb it would be read as a directive/imperative. If I'm incorrect, how would you tell someone to do something to you?


In this case the subject and the object just switched places, which puts emphasis on the object, so the sentence is still in the indicative mood and not the imperative. If you wanted to make it a command it would be "Verändern Sie mich auch" (formal), "Verändert mich auch" (plural), or "Veränder mich auch" (singular), but the verb comes first in the imperative structure.


Very helpful; thanks.


to me it sounds almost like that I am changing them. To me it's a weird construction. Thanks for the explanation


If this were to mean "I am changing you as well", would it need to be "ich" rather than "mich"?


Ich verändere dich auch. Ich verändere Sie auch.


I'll take that as a yes. Thank you.


Is this the usual construction a German woud use? In most other languages that I know, it feels more natural to put the subject first.


Perfectly fine in German, we put first what we want to emphasize.

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