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  5. "Aon chapall amháin."

"Aon chapall amháin."

Translation:A single horse.

September 28, 2014



What purpose does amháin serve in this sentence, if it does not mean only?


It clarifies that you are counting 1 horse. "Aon chapall" by itself means "any horse."


But "capall amháin" means "one horse". For me, "aon chapall amháin" emphasises that there is one, and so expressed "only one horse".


Either aon chapall amháin or capall amháin means “one horse”; neither phrase has emphasis. Emphasized forms would be aon chapallsan amháin, capallsan amháin, aon chapall féin amháin, or capall féin amháin.

  • 1771

Could this be a dialectal thing ? In her Basic Irish book, Nancy Stenson also tells that aon X amháin does emphasise the uniqueness or singularity of X (a single X, only one X)


I don't think it's particularly dialectic - any more than "only one" or "a single .." is in English. Sometimes you deliberately emphasis the solitariness for effect - "there was only one single solitary biscuit left". "Only" is usually translated with the negative níl ach, but when counting things, "only one" can reasonably be translated as aon ceann amháin - Is tusa an t-aon duine amháin a thug faoi deara é - "you're the only person who noticed"

Because you're getting into the area of idiomatic usage, there's a degree of judgement involved - you won't always use the same translation, and the degree of emphasis may depend on context.

Tá capall sa ghort - "there is a horse in the field"
Tá capall amháin sa ghort - "there is one horse in the field"
Níl (ann) ach capall sa ghort - "there is only a horse in the field" (the field only has a horse in it)
Nil ach capall amháin sa ghort - "there is only one horse in the field"
Níl ach aon capall amháin sa ghort - "there is only a a single, solitary horse in the field"
Tá aon capall amháin sa ghort - "there is a/one single horse in the field".


I feel like "a single horse" should be correct?


"a single horse" is a valid translation of "aon capall amháin".


Hm. Phone app version has 'one single horse' as wrong. Is it subtly wrong? And who's taking it to france...


An bhfuil "Only one horse" céart freisin?

An bhfuil fhios ag aon daoine cén fáth?

  • the repetition of '1' adds emphasises no?


I would translate "there is only one horse in the field" as "níl ach capall amháin sa ghort"

I would translate "tá capall amháin sa ghort" as "there is one horse in the field" and "tá aon capall amháin sa ghort" as "there is a single horse in the field".


It doesn’t necessarily emphasize the “only” — see here for the several uses of amháin.


Aon chapall amhain sraid bhaile. -- one horse village ;-)


Adjectives in Irish usually come after the noun that they modify - sráid bhaile aon chapaill.


Yes, I put only one horse.


One horse alone.


I put "just one horse", and the correct answer given is "only one horse"


If "only one horse" is correct, why is "one horse only" not correct?


Why is "One single horse? "not acceptable?


Tá capall agam taobh amuigh

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