It would be excellent if you develop a way to choose the set of words we want to practice. And it would be even better if we could save this set to repeat the practice later.

I'm brazilian and I'm still learning English, so, if I made any mistake, sorry. I'm still learning.

Greetings from Brazil =)

June 9, 2013


Excellent conversational English. From a more formal written English perspective, and of very minor note: "Brazilian" has a capital B. Greetings from the mountains of East Tennessee, USA.

Thanks, Montalbano. I will pay attention to that. =)

Good to know there's other Brazilians learning German through English. It's quite the weird combination.

I wish there was a way to select your own words, too, because duolingo doesn't seem to pick up on some things I'm struggling with. If you're using Android I'd recommend using the Flash Cards app though, it's really good for that.

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