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  5. "Vi kender hinanden."

"Vi kender hinanden."

Translation:We know each other.

September 28, 2014



oooow, I had an itch about the reciprocal pronoun, and look what I found.I cut-paste FYI; if not interested in Grammar, just pass by ;-).............. Reciprocal verbs: Reciprocal verbs usually (but not always) have a plural subject, and the individuals denoted by the subject each carry out the action simultaneously. Reciprocal action may also be expressed by using the reciprocal pronoun hinanden Vi ses i morgen. We’ll meet tomorrow/See you tomorrow Reciprocal verbs include: følges (ad), accompany (each other); hjælpes ad, help (each other);mødes, meet; samles, gather; ses, meet;slås, fight; tales ved, talk; træffes, meet, etc.


I heard it too but dont know what a Welsh LL sounds like


The recording here sounds exactly as if there were a Welsh LL in the first syllable of hinanden.


Dear God of Duolingo. What have you got against me. I write “we know each other” you mark it wrong. You write “we know each other” is right. I can’t see the difference.

This problem seems most frequent in the Danish exercises.

I have stopped recommending Duolingo because I know some of my less patient friends would not stick with it. What a pity the system is clearly not monitored.

What waste to time and energy and loss of goodwill.

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